Benefits of an Intra-Oral Camera for Dental Diagnosis

Up until the invention of dental mirrors, dentists couldn’t see clearly into your mouth. But, with advancements in dental technology, dentists can now identify even the most insignificant issues. Among these technologies, nothing has taken the dental field by storm quite like the intra-oral camera.



What Is an Intra-Oral Camera?


An intra-oral camera is a small, digital camera that dentists use to see hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. Intra-oral cameras work by taking detailed pictures of your teeth, gums, and other tissue in your mouth. These pictures are then enlarged, enabling dentists to detect issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by the naked eye.



The Benefits of Intra-Oral Cameras


Here’s why you should visit a dentist with an intra-oral camera:



Early Detection of Oral Health Problems


A late oral health problem diagnosis can cost you time, money, and in some cases, a few teeth. It might mean having to undergo painful, invasive procedures. But, with an intra-oral camera, dentists can detect issues much sooner and advise you on effective preventive measures.



Enhanced Accuracy for Diagnosis and Treatment


While X-rays and other visual detection tools may help identify dental problems, there’s always a chance your dentist might miss something. And, if there’s one thing about dental problems, they get worse with time.


By enabling dentists to detect even the most insignificant dental problems, intra-oral cameras facilitate a more accurate diagnosis. This then leads to more effective treatment.



Enhanced Patient Understanding


As a patient, you have to trust your dentist. But that doesn’t mean you have to take their word for it. Sometimes, having the ability to see the problem yourself can give you a better understanding of your situation and how best to resolve it.


That’s what you get with an intra-oral camera. Once your dentist takes the pictures, they can show them to you and pinpoint the problem. This will give you a better understanding of the problem and enhance trust between you and the dentist.



Better, Reliable, and Accessible Documentation


One of the first things your dentist does when you go for your regular checkup is to compare your previous records with your current state. Much like X-rays, intra-oral images provide a reliable means of comparison. This way, dentists are able to measure your progress and suggest more effective treatment and prevention methods.



Better Chances for a Successful Insurance Coverage


Insurance providers sometimes refuse to cover the cost of treatment because your medical records failed to show the medical necessity for the procedure. Intra-oral cameras produce detailed, high-definition images that can help you justify your dentist’s recommendation for treatment. And since the images are digital, you can easily send them to your insurance provider.



Visit a Dentist with an Intra-Oral Camera Today


Besides making your dental appointment shorter and more productive, intra-oral cameras are less invasive compared to traditional visual imaging methods. At Clarity Dental Center for Implant and Family Dentistry we care about your smile. That’s why we employ the latest, most effective technologies in dental diagnosis. Visit our office in Federal Way, Washington, or call (253) 799-1490 to book an appointment today.

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