Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Do you want whiter, brighter teeth? You aren’t alone. As many as 85% of adult Americans would like to improve the color of their smile, and fortunately, there are various options available to help you to do this.

One of these is professional teeth whitening. The difference between professional teeth whitening and non-professional teeth whitening is fairly obvious – professional teeth whitening is carried out by a dentist or whitening expert, usually in their offices. Unsurprisingly, in-office whitening can be more expensive than over-the-counter alternatives, but that shouldn’t put you off. In fact, there are far more advantages to getting your teeth whitened professionally than trying to do it at home yourself.


Here are some of the main benefits associated with professional teeth whitening.


Safe Treatment Administered by a Professional


One of the main reasons why many people opt for professional teeth whitening is because they are concerned about doing their own treatment. Some over-the-counter whitening products can actually damage the sensitive, soft tissues of your gums and since it can be difficult to apply whitening gel yourself, there’s a much greater chance of getting product on your gums and experiencing problems. Professional dentists have special shields that they can use to protect your gum tissue. They can also closely monitor you during treatment to make sure you don’t have any adverse reaction to any of the ingredients used.


More Consistent Results


Another key benefit associated with professional teeth whitening is the level of consistency in the results that it produces. As we know, applying whitening products yourself is tricky at best, and it can be difficult to get even coverage. However, with a whitening professional doing it for you, you can make sure to avoid patchy results and instead enjoy consistent whiteness across your smile.


Intrinsic Stain Lifting


Not all staining and discoloration occur solely on the outside of the teeth. Intrinsic tooth color refers to darkening natural pigment and any stain molecules found inside the tooth. While many over-the-counter products will only lift stains on the outer enamel, professional teeth whitening can be used to break down intrinsic staining that could be making your teeth look darker – something that is usually associated with the aging process.


Superior Whitening


Over-the-counter whitening products only use a fairly low-strength bleach. As you can guess, this means that multiple treatments are needed to achieve a reasonable result and even then, the results typically don’t last very long. However, when you choose professional whitening, you’ll be able to have much stronger bleach on your teeth and this will help to produce a more significant result much more quickly. In fact, the KöR whitening system can brighten teeth by upwards of six shades in a single appointment!


Improved Confidence


Unsurprisingly, people who have whiter teeth generally feel happier about their appearance. This helps them to feel more confident in various areas of their lives – from personal relationships to how they handle themselves at work. This makes whitening a great investment from a psychological point of view, as well as a cosmetic one!  


Discover what the KöR whitening system can do to improve your smile today! If you would like to find out more about what’s involved in professional teeth whitening or to schedule a consultation to see how much whiter and brighter we could make your smile, contact Clarity Dental Center for Implant and Family Dentistry in Federal Way, WA. 


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