How Does IV Sedation Dentistry Work and Is It Right for You?

Most people dread the thought of visiting a dentist. Dental visits evoke thoughts of pain that are akin to torture. Admittedly, most dental procedures can be rather painful and many people avoid getting dental care even when it is necessary.

Fortunately, dental experts have come up with effective ways to numb the pain. There are dental sedation techniques that can help patients to get the care they need without the associated pain and anxiety. 


About IV Sedation Dentistry

IV or intravenous sedation is the process of administering drugs through the blood system. Using anti-anxiety drugs during dental treatment helps the patient to relax. Also called “sleep” dentistry, IV sedation allows patients to be at peace during the entire procedure.

As the sedation takes effect, the patient can respond to the dentist but will feel no pain. As the sedation wears off, the patient will only have vague recollections of the procedure.


The IV Sedation Procedure

During the dental treatment, the dentist will insert a small needle into a vein on the arm or hand. A numbing cream may be applied on the injection site for those who fear needles. An intravenous tube connected to the needle delivers the sedation into the bloodstream. Depending on the treatment, the IV tube might remain on the arm for the entire duration. In some cases, the IV needle is removed after administering the drug as the patient is in conscious sedation.


Conscious Sedation

While the patient is sedated, the dentist will monitor the pulse and oxygen levels. This will help to ensure that the patient does not experience a negative reaction to the drug. The patient’s blood pressure will need to be taken before and after the treatment.

Most patients feel a bit groggy after the procedure. It is important to have someone with you to drive you home after treatment. It is also recommended that you take the day off so that you can get adequate rest after treatment.


Why Use IV Sedation Dentistry?

IV sedation dentistry has several benefits. The sedatives used work for a short duration. This means that they are effective for the time of the procedure but the effects wear off soon after. The sedation does not affect other body functions but only eliminates the feeling of pain.

The patient will continue to breathe and can even move throughout the procedure. This will allow the dentist to detect any abnormalities and respond swiftly. IV sedation is very helpful for patients who have a gag reflex. 


Is IV Sedation Right for You?

If you require multiple dental procedures for your treatment, IV sedation is right for you. Apart from reducing fear and pain, you end up spending less on treatment. Fewer dental visits will cut down on dental costs.

Sedation dentistry is right for you if you have a fear of dental treatment or if you require complex dental procedures. The IV sedation puts you in an amnesic state, which means that you will have no recollection of the procedure. You will be unaware of the sights, sounds, and smells associated with dental treatment.

IV sedation has fewer side effects than other sedation methods like general anesthesia. This means that you will experience less discomfort after the treatment. If you need dental treatment, talk to your dentist about IV sedation.

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