How Long Does the Dental Implant Process Take?

Missing teeth can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and your smile. If you lose one or more teeth, you may need a dental implant. They are the best way to replace missing teeth.


What Is a Dental Implant?


A dental implant is an artificial structure with a screwlike device. The screwlike part goes into the jawbone and acts as an anchor for a crown. An abutment connects the dental implant to the artificial tooth.


The process involves several procedures, so it can take months to go through the process. However, the time will also vary depending on what you need.


What to Expect


Dental implants require one or more surgical procedures. So before starting any part of the process, the dentist will want to prepare you physically and psychologically. What will they do during the preparation process?


Comprehensive Dental Exam


They will take three-dimensional images of your teeth and jaw. They will also take dental X-rays and make models. These will help them have a good idea of how your teeth and jaw look.


Medical History Review


The doctor will ask you about any medical conditions you may have. They will also want to know if you are taking any medication for these conditions. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if you have any orthopedic implants or heart conditions. The antibiotics will help prevent any infection.


Treatment Plan


The doctor will tailor-make a treatment plan for you. It will take into account all your needs— the condition of your jaw, the number of teeth you need to replace, and how many will remain.


The whole process of preparation can take a day. After this, the treatment process can begin. There are multiple steps to it. They include:


  • Removal of damaged teeth

  • Jawbone preparation and grafting if there is a need

  • Placement of dental implants

  • Healing and bone growth

  • Placement of abutment

  • Placement of artificial tooth


Removal of Damaged Teeth


The process of removing the teeth may not take long. However, you will have to wait for about two months before the next step to allow your gum to heal.


Jaw Preparation


The doctor may do some grafting if your jaw is soft or not thick enough. Your jaw must be strong enough to withstand the force that chewing exerts. A bone graft creates a solid base for the implant. The step takes several months before the jaw heals.


Placement of Dental Implants


The surgeon cuts your gum, exposes the bone, and drills a hole where they place the dental implant. The post will serve as the root of the tooth.


Healing and Bone Growth


Once the doctor places the implant, osseointegration begins. The jawbone unites and grows into the dental implant. It provides a solid base for the artificial tooth. The process takes several months.


Placement of Abutment


The doctor reopens the gum and places the abutment. They close the gum tissue around the abutment and give you time to heal. The process takes about two weeks.


Placement of Artificial Tooth


Once the gum heals, the doctor will put in your artificial teeth after confirming that your jaw is strong enough. Follow the doctor’s instructions during the process. It will prevent prolonged healing and damage to the implants.


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