Laser Dentistry Advancements in Dental Technologies

Do you have gum disease? Do you know how complex and drawn out the recovery process may be following gum surgery? Improvements in dental technology, especially laser dentistry, are transforming the discipline. Dental professionals are developing treatments that are more accurate and less intrusive while promoting quicker healing.


Understanding Laser Dentistry

This treatment involves using high-energy light beams to perform dental procedures. The lasers emit various light wavelengths absorbed by different oral tissues. This technology enables dentists to perform many treatments with high precision and minor discomfort. Laser dentistry can address various dental procedures. These include the following:

  • Gum disease treatment

  • Cavity detection

  • Teeth whitening

  • Gum reshaping


Advancements in Laser Dentistry: LANAP® Technique


The LANAP® protocol for gum disease is a recent development in laser dentistry. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a common ailment. It affects the bone and gums supporting teeth.

Gum surgery is one example of an invasive procedure used in traditional treatment. It can be unpleasant and take a long time to recover from. LANAP addresses these issues.


How Does It Work?


LANAP employs laser to remove the diseased gum tissue and bacteria. It does not involve cutting or suturing. The laser energy removes infected gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue untouched. This precise approach allows for quicker healing times and minimal discomfort.




The LANAP protocol offers many benefits for patients, including:

Less Invasive


It is less invasive than traditional gum surgery since it does not involve cutting or sutures. This means less discomfort, minimal bleeding, and reduced patient healing times.


Faster Healing

It promotes faster healing times due to the selective removal of diseased tissue. It also stimulates the body's natural healing processes. Patients can resume their normal activities sooner after the procedure.




LANAP allows dentists to target and remove only the infected gum tissue. The healthy tissue remains untouched and undamaged. This precision results in a more conservative approach to treatment and improved outcomes.


Reduced Discomfort


The technique involves minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. Patients often need less pain medication. They also experience less swelling and sensitivity compared to traditional gum surgery.


Preservation of Healthy Tissue


Conventional gum surgery requires the removal of healthy gum tissue. In contrast, LANAP preserves healthy tissue. It helps maintain the natural structure and aesthetics of the gums. The result is better oral health and a more pleasing smile.


Long-term Results


This treatment can have long-term results in treating gum disease. Studies show reduced gum pocket depths, improved gum attachment, and decreased inflammation.




With advancements in technologies like LANAP, laser dentistry provides significant patient benefits. It is a less invasive approach with faster healing times. It preserves healthy tissue and provides long-term results.

All these make LANAP a game-changer in dentistry. Are you facing gum disease or other oral health issues? If so, it is worth exploring the benefits of laser dentistry. Consult your dentist to determine whether LANAP is a viable option.

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